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[Fashion Friday: Sponsored] Finding the Right Pair of Jeans with Lucky Brand

The other day, I learned I have been buying the wrong size jeans for the past several years.

What the what? That’s right. I now know what it feels like to fit into the right pair of jeans. It’s cozy. It’s sexy. It is AMAZING.

As part of this year’s Portland Fashion Week Style Collective, I was given the opportunity to participate in a custom styling session with Lucky Brand at their Portland, Oregon store.

Lucky Brand Styling Session Store

Carrie and Paige from Lucky Brand New York were on hand to take good care of me. They knew ahead of time what my general sizing was, and while there, Carrie asked me several questions about my preferences: do I prefer darker washes or lighter jeans? Do I wear heels more with jeans or flats? Do I have a preference in terms of cut: bootcut, skinny, boyfriend?

She brought several pairs of jeans into the dressing room and explained the different styles and why I should try on each.

Lucky Brand Styling Session

I walked around in each pair of jeans, sat in each pair of jeans, tried them on with heels and walked around with bare feet (I’m either in heels or barefoot — flats hurt my feet).

In the end, it was the Charlotte jeans ($99) and the Lolita ($129)  jeans that were the winners.

Lucky Brand Styling Session jeans

I love the boyfriend jeans for everyday & weekend hangout time, and the darker wash skinny jeans for going out on the town or when I just want to look a little more polished.

The best part about these jeans for me? I don’t have to alter either pair. Being just shy of 5-feet, this is a miracle! Lucky Brand has ankle length jeans that are great for shorties like me. They also have a plus size selection of jeans as well.

Lucky Brand Styling Session Logo

With Lucky Brand, I am also wearing a size smaller than I thought I could wear. After having my second child, I fell victim of this odd condition known as “muffin top” and as I inch closer to turning 40, I’ve developed another weird condition known as “slowing metabolism.” I had given up and just started buying jeans in larger sizes, thinking I couldn’t fit in my old size, and certainly not at the same waist measurement. I knew the larger size jeans weren’t the best fit, but I was pretty sure there was no way I could fit a size 25 waist pair of jeans anymore.

But oh look! I tried on size 0 jeans with a 25-inch waist, and they fit SO WELL! No wonder I thought my body looked terrible in jeans: I have been buying a size (and sometimes two sizes) too large for years! No more bulgy behind or floppy thighs — the right size jeans fit well and feel great. In my new Lucky Brand jeans, I feel more confident and I actually feel slimmer.

Lucky Brand Styling Session Jeans Tag

After trying on jeans, it was time to check out Lucky Brand’s wide selection of tops.

Lucky Brand Styling Session Display 01

I fell in love with a crochet cream long cardigan and a navy blue blouse with an elephant print.

Lucky Brand Styling Session Full Outfit Lucky Brand Styling Session Close Up Sweater

dAnd what’s an outfit without accessories? Every outfit needs accessories, like these gorgeous bracelets:

Lucky Brand Styling Session Bangles


Carrie and Paige helped me find two necklaces that worked well layered together and really completed the outfit. The first was this gorgeous Set Stone Necklace ($45):

Lucky Brand Styling Session Green Necklace

We paired the Set Stone necklace with the Zodiac pendant necklace in my sign: Pisces ($29). I love how one side has the Zodiac sign name and symbols:Lucky Brand Styling Session Zodiac Necklace Front

And the other side of the Pisces Pendant Necklace has the constellation:

Lucky Brand Styling Session Zodiac Necklace Back

And here is the final look:

Lucky Brand Styling Session Full Look 2

[The photo directly above is courtesy of Lucky Brand]

What do you think? I like that the outfit is casual but still put together, and still me.

Thanks SO much to Portland Fashion Week for arranging the opportunity for Style Collective members, to Paige and Carrie for their kindness and expertise, and thanks so much to Lucky Brand for providing this wonderful custom styling session experience… and for providing the new outfit! I love it all!

Lucky Brand Styling Session Portland Fashion Week

 [The jeans I am wearing above are the ones I walked in with from my closet and are NOT the right fit. You can see the difference!]

Tips for finding the right pair of jeans

1. Make sure you have plenty of time to try on a variety of styles and sizes.

2. Bring a pair of heels and flats with you to try on with the jeans.

3. Let the salesperson know what color, style, and length you prefer, and describe the situations you’ll be wearing these jeans.

4. Ask about the material: some material stretches more than others, some shrink, some fade faster, and so on.

5. Once you find a good fit, try on a variety of tops and sweaters with those jeans. You want to be sure they look good with the type of tops you will be wearing with it.

Disclosure: I was offered the opportunity for this custom styling session with Lucky Brand as a benefit of being a member of the Portland Fashion Week Style Collective. Lucky Brand provided a free styling session and head-to-toe outfit. Not other compensation was given, and I was not required to write this post. As always, all opinions are my own. 


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