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Interview with HGTV Interior Designer David Bromstad: 2013 Home Color Trends and Tips

Interior Designer David Bromstad is known for his bold use of color and creative interior solutions. I remember watching him win the very first HGTV Design Star, and have followed his career since. Nowadays, you can watch him mentor aspiring design stars on HGTV Star, and work his magic with color on HGTV’s Color Splash.

I have to confess: David Bromstad is probably my favorite interior designer on HGTV. I just LOVE his use of color and his modern take on residential and commercial design – plus, his paintings are amazing additions to any home. This outdoor space that he created below is one of my favorites:

David Bromstad interior design tips

Recently, I had the honor of interviewing David Bromstad and getting his advice on 2013 summer-to-fall color trends. Here are some of his color & contrast design tips that you can incorporate into your own home!

David Bromstad 01

Interview with HGTV Interior Designer David Bromstad

UBL: What are some 2013 summer color trends that will transition well into fall? What’s the best way for homeowners to use these trendy colors in their homes to make seasonal transitions easy & seamless? 

DB: There were some fascinating color trends this summer that I can see making a transition into fall. Emerald green has been huge along with poppy red and nectarine. Simple changes can make the biggest impact to your home.  Changing your throw pillows and decorative throws to a new trendy color and/or pattern will snazz up your couch and chairs.  Be on the look out for vibrant home accessories. Although they may seem like minor details, they can make a room look brand new and completely different from season to season.
David Bromstad Mateo House
UBL: What are some interesting ways homeowners can incorporate modern contrasts into their homes? 
DB: When it comes to modern contrasts I love combining different textures. Recently I’ve been obsessed with rural vamping. Take a piece of reclaimed wood, vintage looking metals, or use pieces with rustic colors. These pieces combined with sleek lines and modern materials work together fabulously to give your home an overall updated look.
 David Bromstad Onyx House
UBL: What are some ways homeowners of small spaces can incorporate color to make the most impact?
DB: There are tons of interesting ways to incorporate color, which is why I love it so much! If we’re talking about wall color then it is important to remember when you’re designing a room wall color always comes last. Get your most expensive items like your couch, chairs, tables, rugs, etc. first. Then you can choose the thousands of wall paint options and tie it all together. Wall paint is a super easy and inexpensive way to add color to your room. If you don’t feel like painting, area rugs are a great way to add color to a room. They are so underrated and I think they make such a huge impact, especially in a small space.
UBL: Many of my readers are in the Pacific Northwest: what are some color & contrast tips for those of us who live under grey skies for much of the year?
DB: Make your home pop! The best part about interior design is that you can set the mood for your environment with a few simple pieces, no matter where you live. Something as simple as exciting artwork or even an area rug can bring cool patterns, bright colors, or amazing textures to your home. Just because skies are grey doesn’t mean your homes need to be!
David Bromstad Cuneo house

Tune in to HGTV to watch David work his magic on his show Color Splash and watch full episodes of the latest HGTV Star Season 8 and see David mentor the next aspiring HGTV Stars.


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