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[Portland Bliss] QUIN: A New Portland, Oregon Candy Shop

When I was a little kid in elementary school, the neighborhood boys and I would ride our BMX bikes over to the 3D Market and empty our pockets of change in exchange for convenience store candy. Sixlets were my favorite. They were five cents for a little packet. Money worth spending for candy that produced sweet memories that live in my mind and heart to this day.

Somewhere deep within each child, no matter what generation he or she is born into, lives an emotional connection to candy.

When I walked into Quin, I was once again THAT kid…but in an updated (and much, MUCH cleaner) candy store.

Quin - 03

Quin is the candy shoppe of a modern mom’s and creative candy-loving kid’s dreams. Launched on July 1, 2013 at 1022 West Burnside, Portland, Oregon, Quin is a tiny store that packs a floor-to-ceiling punch of delicious flavors. In a space smaller than 200-square-feet within the new Union Way retail space, the interior is sleek yet playful, cozy yet decidedly modern.

Quin - 04

Owner and Candy Chief Extraordinaire Jami Curl (who also owns Saint Cupcake) has brought her passion for and commitment to local, handmade artisan sweets to life with Quin.

Quin - 05

Curl and her team make their own tasty treats, including a wide variety of creative flavors of the following:

  • Lollipops  $.75 each or $7.50 (10pcs.)
  • Gumdrops $8.00 (10pcs.) or $16.00 (20pcs.)
  • Dreams Can Come Chew (fruit chews) $10.00 (assorted flavors 20pcs.)
  • Caramels $8.00 (10pcs.) or $16.00 (20pcs.)
  • Twizzlies  $6.00 (10pcs.) or $12.00 (20pcs.)

Quin also sells foot-long marshmallows that they make, in addition to featuring several artisan chocolates and related candy items from mostly local brands.

Check out these stylish Mast Brothers chocolate bars ($9 each):

Quin - 07

Loving the packaging on these:

Quin - 09

Some of the caramels at Quin are topped with Jacobsen salt, but you can also buy small tins of this amazing Oregon-harvested finishing salt here, too:

Quin - 06

For those looking to satisfy just a teeny craving for fine chocolate, Quin offers these adorable Askinosie Itty Bars of chocolate that are just about an inch or so wide and maybe 1/8″ thick.

Quin - 08

As for me and my munchkins? We stopped by on opening day and picked up a small assortment of goodies: a variety of lollipops, a bag of Strawberry Lemon Gumdrops, and two of the Itty Bars.

Quin Candy in Portland, Oregon

My son – who is a very visual kid and notices tiny details in architecture and design – was quietly enamored with the packaging and the space itself. The Bliss Kids were a little overwhelmed by all of the flavor options, but it dawned on me that Quin is actually a fantastic place to introduce little ones to creative new flavor combinations and to continue to open their world to what is possible with food. In addition to old standbys such as strawberry, coffee, and tangerine, Quin offers Smith Tea Smoked Chai Caramels, Coffee + Orange + Smoked Salt Caramels, Chai Tea Lollipops, and Cherry Vanilla Gumdrops.

For this first visit, my lollipop-lovin’ Bliss Girl was digging the strawberry lollipop.

Quin - 02

We’ll be back, for sure. Me, with my sweet memories of riding my bike to the neighborhood candy store, smiling blissfully as I get to pass down a favorite childhood adventure on to my own kids.

1022 W Burnside
Portland, Oregon 97209 (across the street from Powell’s Books)
Open Monday – Saturday
12 noon – 6pm


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