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Wine Wednesday: Wine Club Review

Have you ever joined a wine club or thought about joining a wine club? Mr. Bliss and I have been part of various wine clubs on and off throughout the years, and the shipments of two bottles per month rarely seemed worth the price. Yes, we were able to try new wines, but we were also taking a gamble each month with wines that may or may not match our taste preferences.

Enter, a new type of wine club that is, according to them, “the world’s first personalized wine experience.”

Tasting Room Lot 18 New wine shopping experience

The concept is smart and simple: a case of wines shipped to you every three months based on your specific wine tastes.

First, you get an initial set of mini bottles of various wines to try for a low cost (right now, it’s $9.95). The wine kit I received contained two whites and four reds.

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The kit also comes with a tasting mat and instructions. When you’re ready to do your tasting, be sure to have a laptop or tablet handy, since you’ll need to fill out the wine tasting survey online.

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You start with the whites and you are asked to compare which one you prefer over the other. Then you move onto the reds, and continue the comparisons.

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At the end of the tasting and survey, compiles your wine profile based on answers.

This is my favorite part of the process. Not only do you find out your white wine type and red wine type, plus a description of the types of wines you should order — as you can see below, Tasting Room believes I am a Naturalist with red wines based on my preferences, and a Devil-May-Care with white wines — but you also get helpful tips about ordering wine.

For instance, there is a “How to order wine” section that gives you an example of dialogue you can use to help ensure you order a wine you like at restaurants. According to Tasting Room, I should order like this: “I like a wine with secondary flavors of leather, spice and dried fruit that are usually found in Old World wines.”

TastingRoom - 06


You are also given examples of food that pairs well with the types of wine you prefer, different regions that typically produce the type of wine you like best, and where you’ll find great value for your money with wines in your profile.

Once your profile is complete, Tasting Room creates a case of wine to ship to you that is catered to your wine profile. For $84.49, you get 12 bottles (each a full 750 ml) that are a mix of red and white wines. You also get tasting notes for each. This is an incredible value, and much less of a gamble compared to traditional wine clubs where you play the guessing game, cross your fingers, and hope you will enjoy the wines coming your way.

After the initial full shipment, you will be sent a case of wines every three months for around $150 each. You may cancel at any time.

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After my own tasting, I am eagerly awaiting our first shipment. I have high hopes that the wines will be more enjoyable and reliable than those from wine clubs of yore.

If you’ve ever thought about joining a wine club but have held back, I’d suggest giving a try. It’s such a fantastic concept and there’s minimal investment. Cheers to innovative concepts in the wine experience!

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  • Emily Jul 23, 2014 Reply

    Yeah don’t use this service. They are terrible. It’s basically the Columbia Record House of Wine. The wine is just OK at best. Go to Trader Joes instead.

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